The G-Box for the Mercedes G-Class

(until 2017, long wheelbase)

Built almost unchanged from 1979 to 2017, the G-Class has proven its suitability for
travel and off-road. With the G-Box, the classic turns into a small camper with a few
simple steps. So you sleep on each tour dry, warm and safe in your own vehicle. The Gbox
is simply placed in the boot and everything is ready for the trip: A comfortable bed
and the kitchen with water supply.

Because of the relatively narrow rear door, the kitchen box is first placed in the trunk
and fixed with four lashing straps. Then the bed is pushed along the kitchen box, turned
90 ° and fastened with two star grip screws.
The installation of the compact system is done in two minutes. The kitchen is ready to
use in a few seconds and the comfortable bed folded out with one hand. So you can fully
enjoy the holiday and travel relaxed and flexible.

QUQUQ G-Box from 2590,- €
incl. VAT, excl. shipping

G-Box Details

2-burner stove with wind protection

10 cm thick cold foam mattress

In seconds, the bed is unfolded, whether with or without rear seats

The folding segments are hung on the safety belt holders

The complete system is a compact unit without loose items

The box is fixed with a straps that hold 500 kg each

The kitchen box is first placed in the trunk and fixed

The bed is pushed along the kitchen box, turned and fastened

The stove is not permanently installed and can be taken out of the drawer, the canisters can be easily removed and filled

The advantages at a glance

  • a compact module without loose items
  • quick installation
  • bed and kitchen ready for use in seconds
  • comfortable cold foam mattress
  • 2-burner stove
  • wind protection
  • all kitchen functions can be used simultaneously
  • worktop respectively storage space
  • works with and without rear seat


  • Campingbox
  • Cooking compartment
  • Wind protection
  • 2-burner gas-cartridge stove
  • 2 gas-cartridges
  • 2 x 10 l canisters with 1 outlet tap
  • 2 stainless steel bowls
  • 2 storage boxes 30x20x17 cm (or 2 additional 10 l canisters)
  • Removable fold-out bed with straps (length can be adjusted without tools)
  • High-quality cold foam mattress, 126 x 195 cm, 10 cm thick, 3-part
  • Bed covers, 3-part, 100% cotton
  • 500 daN lashing straps
  • Weight of cooking compartment and fold-out bed – 65 kg plus furnishings (stove, canisters, bowls, mattress)
  • Area of the box W 81 x H 42 x D 76 cm