QUQUQ for globetrotters

Here today, there tomorrow. Simply just follow your nose, as it turns out … and without expensive RV and extra costs for taxes, insurance, repairs and garaging.

Tents? Is inconvenient and takes a lot of work in setting up and dismantling. Connect heater, roll out sleeping pads, sleeping bags to unpack, rearrange bags etc.

Caravan? Retards while driving and the city traffic with attachment is stressful. Even the small beach access and the gravel road in the mountains are hard to overcome.

With QUQUQ you are fast and flexible on the road. In your own the car, inexpensive and without parking problems.

QUQUQ for athletes

Surfing, biking, sailing, trekking, hiking, paragliding, canoeing or mountain climbing … with full concentration on nature and action. More great when sleeping issues play no role.

A flexible weekend trip to participate in a competitive and meet friends. Just stay where you are in the evening. No need to get in the car and drive to the accommodation.

Right on lake, mountain or sea take a meal, a drink and breathe fresh air. Then leaden sink to the thick mattress and sleep properly.

With QUQUQ you are quickly and relaxed outdoors. And have it all dry, warm and comfortable.

QUQUQ for Spontaneous

On weekends on the fly to the sea. Unplanned and independently, without searching a room … that’s a lot of fun, easy and saves money. Especially as the search of camping gear is not necessary.

Driving relaxed to the party and stay over night. A taxi is just as superfluous as the discussion of who is allowed to have a drink.

More comfortable to the festival. Without back pain from the sleeping mat or clammy tent after a downpour. And the clearing is done in a flash.

With QUQUQ you do it fast and cheap. Because everything has its place and is ready to start in 1 minute.