The BusBox-1/2 for buses and transporters

For the classics among the compact motorhomes, the „buses“, the BusBox-1/2 is suitable. It is simply placed in the trunk and everything essential for the journey is on board: bed, kitchen, water supply and storage space.

Especially for the VW T7 Multivan there is the BusBox-3.
For the VW ID.Buzz it goes here to the BusBox-4.

With the BusBox-1/2 the bed is removable. This allows the kitchenbox and the bed to be put into the vehicle one after the other. The kitchen is ready to use in a few seconds and the comfortable bed folded out with one hand. So you can fully enjoy the holiday and travel relaxed and flexible.

QUQUQ BusBox-1/2 from 3290,- €
(BB-1/BB-2) incl. 19% VAT in DE
(VAT may vary in other countries),
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BusBox Details

Two versions

The BusBox fits in around 60 different buses or transporters and is available in two versions: BusBox-1 and BusBox-2. The kitchenbox and the dimensions of the unfolded bed are exactly the same. Only the two folding segments of the bed differ in their lengths.

The both segments of the BB-1 have almost the same length. The middle segment of the BB-2 is shorter, so that the bed requires less height in the vehicle interior when unfolding. The upper bed segment is accordingly extended to realise the bed length of 195 cm.

Usually The BB-2 is used when rear seats are in the vehicle, because the folded-down rear seat backrests are higher than the bottom of the bed. The box is therefore placed on a removable pedestal and can be unfolded over the backrests.

2-burner stove with wind protection

10 cm thick cold foam mattress

In seconds, the bed is unfolded and put on the backrest of the rear seat

The height-adjustable hard foam blocks support the bed on the rear seat back

Alternatively, the folding bed stands on the integrated folding legs

The removable pedestal raises the box, so the bed fits over the rear seat backs

Special solution for T5/T6 with sleeping bench: kitchen with folding mattress

The comfortable folding mattress lies on the sleeping bench

The complete system is a compact unit without loose items

The box is fixed with a strap that holds 500 kg safely

The stove is not permanently installed and can be taken out of the drawer, the canisters can be easily removed and filled

The advantages at a glance

  • a compact module without loose items
  • quick installation
  • bed and kitchen ready for use in seconds
  • comfortable cold foam mattress
  • 2-burner stove
  • wind protection
  • all kitchen functions can be used simultaneously
  • worktop respectively storage space
  • works with and without rear seat
  • fits in over 60 different cars

The BusBox-1/2 fits in

PDF model overview

FordTourneo Custom
Transit Custom new
Transit Kasten new
Transit Kasten old
MercedesVito new
Mixto new
Vito old
Viano old
NV 300
OpelVivaro A
Vivaro B
ToyotaProAce old


  • Campingbox
  • Cooking compartment
  • Wind protection
  • 2-burner gas-cartridge stove
  • 2 gas-cartridges
  • 2 x 10l canisters with 1 outlet tap
  • 2 plastic bowls
  • Removable fold-out bed (carries 180 kg) with fold-out legs and size adapters
  • High-quality cold foam mattress, 134 x 195 cm, 10 cm thick, 3-part
  • Bed covers, 3-part, 100% cotton
  • 500 daN lashing strap
  • Weight of the box, including cooking compartment – 50kg, bed and mattress – 25 kg plus furnishings (stove, canisters, bowls)
  • Area of the box W 115 x H 48 x D 76 cm


  • Telescopic pull-out for cool boxes
  • Pedestal to raise the box

Cooking drawer

Mounted on telescopic rails (45 kg load capacity), aluminum windscreen locked by shock absorber


2 burner gas cartridge stove (MOT certificate not required) with integrated gas cartridges

Water supply

2 jerrycans à 10 l, 1 drain tap, 2 plastic bowls


High quality cold foam material, 10 cm thick, 3-piece

Bed suspension

Fold-out legs and size adapters


Waterproof glued plywood phenolic resin coated, aluminum profiles, steel hinges and handles


Box including cooking drawer 50 kg, bed and mattress 25 kg plus equipment (stove, canisters, bowls)


Area of the box W 115 x H 48 x D 76 cm
Lying surface 134 x 195 cm

Technical changes reserved, optical deviations possible.