The convenient kitchen: Cook, drink, eat and wash up.
Our kitchen caters for all your creature comforts.

If you’re ravenous, you want your food to be ready as quickly as possible. With QUQUQ, you have everything instantly on hand, so cooking is a piece of cake.

You can cook whilst protected by the lid of the boot and using the opened box cover as a worktop or storage space.

To your left, there’s a pull-out cooking module with a 2-burner stove, wind protection and storage compartment for kitchen utensils and food. You can start cooking straight away and you have direct access to everything you need.

There’s tons of storage space located in the middle compartment of the KombiBox, MidiBox and BusBox. Why not use it to store your bags, shopping, euro-boxes or sleeping bags?

To your right, there are two 10l water canisters with an outlet tap which can easily be taken out and refilled. The whole unit is reliable and works without an electricity supply. There are 2 bowls located beneath the water canisters which can be used as either washbasins, or to store fruit and vegetables etc. Next to the canister is a small compartment where you can store things such as fold-out chairs.

If you have a cool box, you can put it in the back of the vehicle, or behind the front seats. You have a free choice of models and you’re not restricted to certain assembly dimensions, not to mention that you have access to a cold drink during the drive. You can also opt for a telescopic pull-out for your cool box, which can go in the medium compartment of the BusBox, MidiBox and KombiBox. The gas-cartridge stove can be removed and does not require official permission.

2-burner stove with wind protection

Useful worktop

All the kitchen equipment has been deliberately designed so that it is both simple and robust, making the QUQUQ particularly resilient and long-lasting.

The advantages at a glance

  • ready for use in seconds
  • 2-burner cooker
  • integrated windscreen with locking
  • all kitchen functions can be used simultaneously
  • large drawer compartment for cooking utensils
  • worktop respectively storage space
  • easily accessible canisters
  • electricity is not needed

kitchen boxes – without bed

All boxes are also available as kitchen boxes – without bed. You can find more details here: the kitchen boxes