The comfortable bed:
Fold out, lie down, chill out. It doesn’t get much faster.

If you’re tired, you want to sleep – immediately and without having to reorganise or rearrange your vehicle. With our cleverly designed bed, everything is ready in one pull of the handle: pull the bed forwards, hook it onto the seatbelts or unfold the legs – done!

The superfast bed

There’s no need to assemble any individual parts, pull out any telescopic rails or arrange any upholstery. Everything can stay where it is as the 195 cm bed just bed folds out over the top.

Maximum comfort

Lie back and relax on our 10 cm thick cold foam mattress, where you’ll be comfier than on any sleeping mat or air bed, and it’s even better than in many mobile homes. You’re guaranteed to get a good night’s sleep, meaning you can enjoy every single day of your holiday feeling well-rested.

What’s more, the mattress is extremely long-lasting and its excellent breathability makes for fantastic sleeping conditions. We use high-quality cold foam material that is certified according to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex. The bed covers are made from pure cotton and can be easily stripped off and washed.

Truly practical

The bed is completely separate from the kitchen, meaning while one person lies in bed, the other can make the coffee. The fold-out bed is also self-supporting, so you can leave the back seats in your vehicle, or for a longer journey, why not take them out and have plenty more room for storage?

The advantages at a glance

  • opened with a handle
  • comfortable cold foam mattress
  • breathable cotton covers
  • works with and without rear seats
  • a lot of storage space with removed rear seats
  • easy to clean thanks to removable covers