QUQUQ - In 1 Minute vom Kombi zum Camper

Ready in 1 minute

You do not need technical skills, strong muscles and years of camping experience for QUQUQ:

The box is worn comfortably on lateral folding handles and simply placed in the trunk. No self-assembly nor forgetting or losing anything because everything is mounted.

That's it, begin your journey.

Easy handling

The box is easy to carry with two people because the weight is not to high. Two more handles are located at the back of the box for easy placement in your vehicle. You can also use them to fix a cool box or bags with a strap.

Compact and robust

The box fits through any standard door and takes less than 1 square meter floor space. Their use does not require any drilling nor modifications to the vehicle and is MOT certificate free!

All edges are well protected by aluminum profiles and the water-resistant wood is extremely resilient. QUQUQ is „handmade in Germany“, very robust and resistant: ideal for portable outdoor use.