QUQUQ - In 1 Minute vom Kombi zum Camper

In case of ravenous appetite the meal must be prepared quickly. With QUQUQ it’s easy, because everything is ready immediately:

You cook protected under the trunk lid. The open front panel of the rear kitchen serves you as a work space and tabel.

On the left is a cooking drawer module with 2-burner stove, windscreen and storage space for kitchen utensils and food. You can start right away and have immediate access to everything you need.

The middle compartment offers nearly 100 liters of storage space. There you can for example store purchases, standard storage boxes, sleeping bags, pillows or other luggage.

On the right 2 x 10 liter water canisters with tap are placed. They can be easily removed and filled. This works easily without electricity.

Below the canisters are 2 stainless steel bowls for washing or rinsing. They can also be used e.g. to store fruit or vegetables. In the small compartment next to the canisters 2 folding chairs have room.

If you use a cooler, you can place it behind the frontseats. You have a wide choice of models and are not tied to specific installation dimensions. Conveniently, you have access to cool drinks even while driving.

The gas cartridge stove is removable and does not require a MOT certificate.

The entire kitchen technology is specifically designed simple and robust. This makes QUQUQ particularly unsusceptible and durable.